August 8, 2015

Culture Strategy – Fastlaunch HR

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company, but the culture you define is what will help them outperform the competition and keep them with you. We’ll work with you to define the perfect culture and help you set it in place, from on-boarding to Martini Mondays

There’s a large body of evidence to suggest that getting the culture of your startup correct from the outset can make or break the company’s future. There are some great examples to follow in Silicon Valley, but every company is different. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve considered all aspects of your culture, from mission statement through to the first thing your new hires see through to the perks of the workplace and the way in which employees communicate.

What we offer

Mission & Values

How are your values reflected in the way that your employees make business decisions?
From Don’t be Evil through to Move fast and break things, we’ll work with you to understand and map your vision for the company and how it might be implemented among the rapidly growing team.

On-boarding & Development

Anyone who is willing to hop aboard your rocket ship is going to want to know where they are headed on a personal level.
We’ll help plan the experience for new hires, from training programs through to buddying, ongoing mentorship and development, providing another reason to see your journey through to the end.


From office ping-pong to catered lunches. There’s a huge breadth of wants and needs within your organisation and it’s easy to overlook things.
We’ll help you build an environment that suits the founders of today and the employees of tomorrow.

Performance & Engagement

There’s a fine balance between coaching the best performance out of your team and keeping them engaged.
We’ll work with you to define everything from reviewing individual performance to measuring employee happiness.

Communication & Organization

Building out teams can get messy when you start adding a lot of new hires. It’s worth investing time up front in planning how you want the organisation to look.
Even flat structures have a communication flow – that’s where we come in.



At Fastlaunch HR we offer professional advice at a price point that works for you, with the opportunity to scale our offering up and down as required.

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