August 6, 2015

Talent Acquisition – Recruiting with Fastlaunch HR

Finding rockstar employees can be extremely challenging in today’s market. We help scope out your needs and source the ideal talent, as and when you need to expand. We’ll be there from the first screening call to the final interview.


Talent acquisition can be one of the most difficult areas for start-ups on the path to scaling excellence. You’ve validated your idea (and even convinced VCs and Angels to throw money at you) but sourcing key hires is still a huge challenge.

Most recruitment firms are able to place candidates, but we believe that talent sourcing at this stage requires more than just lining up job titles and firing off a million LinkedIn messages. Your company is in constant flux and, as such, the rockstar for today’s role might be completely the wrong person for tomorrow’s challenges.

We’re committed to understanding your business both now and in the future, sourcing talent that can leverage their experience while at the same time growing with the company, regardless of the road ahead.

This requires a lot more from us, but adds a lot more value to you

In order to succeed in our goal, we typically get a lot more involved in the recruitment process:

  • Before we’ve reached out to a single candidate we’ll arrange to talk through the role in detail, understanding what the need is now, but also where the role might develop. If that path is still pretty murky, we’ll try and identify some themes to look for in our candidates.
  • We’re meticulous about our process. We’ll search and identify key candidates and keep tabs on exactly what they bring to the picture, all of which is tracked and shared for you in progress reports along the way. If you’re not seeing a particular skill set you can let us know and we’ll alter course accordingly.
  • We’ll also market the role with a clean and well presented listing that will do your brand justice across Twitter, Facebook and any other platform it hits. No more terribly formatted, generic job listings.
  • We take great pride in our ability to screen candidates. Where possible we will speak to every candidate and check that they are a good fit for the role before they ever come across your desk. We’ve screened several hundred candidates and we know what to look for. We’ll minimise the number of flaky applicants and whittle out any window-shoppers to get to a shortlist worthy of your time.
  • From this point onward we’re happy to be as involved as you would like in the process, even attending on-site interviews and/ or providing coaching on your interviewing skills to help you find a good fit. Whether you chose to own the dialog with your selected candidates or leave it in our hands is up to you.



We’re competitive and flexible – happy to work with you across multiple positions on a retainer or just find someone for a single role. Whatever the scope, we’ll be open and honest about what it’s likely to cost for us to help you find your rockstars.

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Now that’s out of the way..

There’s a fair amount to consider once you’ve found the right people. Setting in place the right culture, from how you on-board through to how you communicate across the company, can be a challenge and you’re most likely to success by planning ahead.

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